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Westfeld - The Dual Land Empty Westfeld - The Dual Land

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introduction x n the northern half of the province, the land is covered with thick, deciduous forest, and is a highly plentiful area. The south is also plentiful, but there are fewer trees. In general, Westfeld is a very good land to live in, with plenty of food and water, and rather safe... if not for the very small border with Kaiganshi.

climate/topography x Rain is plentiful in Westfeld, and draughts are very uncommon. Rivers run throughout the land, and there is a major river that goes between the forested north and the grassland that is the south. In the south, there are some small mountains, and another major river flowing through the lowest part of the south, which leads to Jokivand. The soil is rich, alkaline, and fertile throughout the province, making it great for growing plants. Snow is less common here than in the northern provinces, but in the northern part of Westield, snow does fall in the winter.

animals and plants x To list some of the animals that survive in Westfeld:

In all Areas
-Dire wolf
-Giant ground sloth
-Great-clawed sloth (Megalonyx)
-Red fox

In the Forest
-Barred owl
-Western screech owl
-Northern saw-whet owls (in the winter)
-Broad-winged hawk
-Mule deer
-Wild boar
-Brown bear
-Black bear
-Cave bears

In the Plains
-Cheetah (Miracinonyx)
-Wild horse
-Short-faced bears

As for plants, there is a mixture of conifers and deciduous trees, leaving the land very varied. The southern end of the forest is more open, with clearings more common, while the northeast is denser, though not to the degree of Iskogurz. Wild flowers grow throughout the land, and in the south, there are plenty of tall grasses and other plants that belong in a prairie or grassland.

inhabitantsx This province is amongst the most populated, and has more than a few packs living in it. There are packs in the northern forest, and packs in the south. There are large packs and small packs. One of the largest packs is in the forest, and is known for its dark-furred leader, who is very large and has produced large pups with his mate, though there have been problems with his pups, and most of them either ended up leaving, going missing, or dying.

Culturally, the land is very diverse, what with there being multiple packs. Some packs are more alike culturally, though, most of them are very different. For example, in the aforementioned pack, wolves with oddly-coloured fur are ostracised. This is also in the case in some other packs, but most notable in that one for the leader has even chased out his own son for having bright orange fur. It's ironic, because this trait is fairly common in the province, and many wolves either carry it or show it, including in the packs where the trait is considered to be such an unholy thing.

In the northern half of the province, dark wolves and grey wolves are the most common base colours (with exceptions, of course), and the population of dark wolves is unusually high. In the south, the wolves become lighter, though some are still dark.

In Westfeld, there are both settled packs and nomadic packs, with settled ones being more common in the forests.

history x WIP

wolf diets x Food is plentiful in Westfield, and animals are incredibly varied, especially since there are rivers, lakes, some mountains, forests, and grassland all in one province. The wolves generally eat what is available, which is all sorts of things, though some packs have bans on different foods, which varies by the pack.

notable sites x Notably, there is the largest mountain in the south, and in the north, there is a small, rocky passage that leads into Kaiganshi. Oddly, this passage is far from heavily guarded, as the wolves that live near that border believe that having some wolves guard that passage would result in dead pack members, thus a wolf from Kaiganshi could easily be able to come in to take some prey if that is what they want to do, or to escape from Kaiganshi.

attitude to outsiders x Outsiders are tolerated, unless said outsider meets the criteria for any given pack to kill or chase them away. In some packs, outsiders are welcomed openly and accepted. In others, outsiders are not.

enemies and allies x The province has no prominent allies or enemies, and it prefers to stay generally neutral on all of the conflicts. However, one pack in the northern forest has a rather rough relationship with one of the packs in the Valley of Flames.

care for the sick and injured x It's very good, and it helps that supplies needed for such healthcare is very available and easily accessible.

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