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Pre-color Character Designing Empty Pre-color Character Designing

Post by Emph on Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:14 pm

Designing your character can be hard sometimes.
And by designing, I am not referring to pelt colors, though that can be difficult too.

Making an original character is more than just pretty fur colors. That’s part of it, but something more personal to your character might be(but isn’t limited to):

-where fur might stick out
-their expression
-how fluffy or rough their fur is
-how long or short their fur is
-how long their legs are
-the size of their paws
-any injuries, really
-how their tail looks
-their teeth
-their muzzle
-how their eyes are shaped
-their overall size
-if they’re a hybrid, and how both of their parents’ species fit into the design
-how long or short their ears are
-which way the ears face

And the list really can go on and on.

A good idea is to only use other people’s lineart for when you’re figuring out the colors. If you are ready to make an actual reference, draw it yourself or ask someone else to, and keep in mind how your character could be recognized pre-coloring.

Try to use annotations on your reference -- other than basic things like their name or age (add those too though) -- and point out that the character’s paws are small, their fur sticks up at the neck, or they have a scar on their back, etc.

Also it would be good to take note of where your character came from on Lykon, and how the wolves there generally look.

Character designing goes beyond pretty colors. Every human doesn’t have the same face, right? The same length hair, the same chin, ears, nose? Well, if you’re making this somewhat realistic, you’ll give your characters originality beyond colors and personality. A good way to judge your characters is to draw the lineart of them and just don’t color. Can you tell who’s who?

As examples, I’ve grabbed some characters who are very original in this sense.

Pre-color Character Designing Pureblood__ref_sheet__by_rigorm0rtis-d8l9hzc
© PureBlood/rigorm0rtis
This reference is very nice, because it has many annotations, and it displays PureBlood’s look (other than color). You can see (and read) how his cheek fur sticks up near the ears, and how he has narrow eyes.

Pre-color Character Designing Wooowwww_by_amillionlittlefibers-d8h72ab
© myself/amillionlittlefibers
On this one, you can see (and read) how Emph’s neutral expression is worried-looking, how she is small, how she’s a hybrid (and reflects that fact). To be honest, I could have added more annotations on this one, and will likely do so at some point, but you can see that this character is obviously more original than usable linearts.

There are bad designs too, but I’m not going to get into that.

There’s also a place to learn about the acceptable colors/more on Lykon someplace else

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