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Morokaz - The Frozen North 24np3sl

introduction x The far north is bleak, with not a tree in sight, and scarce a deer. There are only hares, lemmings, reindeer, and musk oxen in these lands, as well as various small mammals, fish, and birds of prey. A few small packs of wolves survive in this harsh land, but they are all allied and consider them all to be a part of the same pack. They hunt what they can and live like nomads, moving constantly and ever searching for food.

climate/topography x The environment is that of the harsh, bleak tundra. Unforgiving to those who are not hardy enough, unforgiving those who are not cunning enough. Its lands are vast, with the main attraction being the travelling herds of musk oxen. The land is primarily flat, with mountain ranges (not shown on the map) on the north end as well as on the northeast. The southern portion is a bit hilly, and is a bit like a steppe.

animals and plants x To list some of the animals that survive in Morokaz:
-Musk ox
-Woolly mammoth
-Woolly rhinoceros
-Great-clawed sloth (Megalonyx)
-Frost bear (polar bear)
-Cave lion
-Wild horse
-Dire wolf
-Arctic fox

-Hooded seal

-Northern fur seal
-Harp seal
-Ribbon seal
-Harbour seal
-Bering seal
-Ringed seal
-Various fish types

As for plants, the tundra is mostly inhabited by low-growing plants, such as small shrubs, lichens, moss, grasses, and sedges.

inhabitants x The inhabitants of the land call themselves Morozrok, though they accept the name Tundra Striders. They wolves live mostly separate, though in small groups and will share with each other if they have excess supplies. The Tundra Striders came to be when, many years ago, some wolves from the northern forests were banished from their packs to the desolate tundra in the north.

wolf diets x The Tundra Striders eat primarily musk ox, as well as caribou and hare. When possible, they also eat fish. They overall have a very limited diet due to less varied food sources. Food is not quite plentiful, and when the musk oxen herds are away, there is hardly enough for one small group to survive on. When there is a dead mammoth or mastodon not being eaten by a group of sabrecats, direwolves, or cave lions, they also feast on that and stick around until there is either no more to eat or they get driven away from it.

notable sites x None to speak of, though The Bough River and The Silver River are the main areas of importance, as they are the main water sources when it is not summer. Unlike the small streams throughout the territory, these bodies do not freeze, intriguingly.

attitude to outsiders x They are apathetic to outsiders, and generally view them as resource thieves. Whether they "deal with" the outsider or not varies.

enemies and allies x The Tundra Striders consider no pack to be allies, nor do they consider any to be enemies.

care for the sick and injured x They do use some remedies, such as yellow chamomile berries being eaten raw for stomach ache. Though, aside from these few things available to them, they don't have much, but will continue caring for the unwell.

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