Energy and Life - The Keys to Survival

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Energy and Life - The Keys to Survival Empty Energy and Life - The Keys to Survival

Post by PureBlood on Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:31 am

Energy and Life are vastly important keys to your character's survival. Energy is your character's level of fatigue/exhaustion, and Life is how healthy/injured your character is.

We will discuss energy first. Energy declines whenever your character does a task that is draining. Everything that character does for that activity lowers energy some, such as for Mt. Bereavement. The things the character does there will drain their energy, but it drains more in Mt. Bereavement than it does anywhere else.

Energy ensures that your character isn't too tired, and having your character relax, eat, drink, and sleep (basically do things that aren't physically taxing) will replenish the energy over time. Being out of energy will not kill your character or leave him or her in a dire situation. He or she will simply have to partake in less strenuous activities.

Next is life: Life is your character's welfare. A sick character's life will decline over time (how much the character loses per day the user roleplays depends on the severity of the sickness). Being injured will cause an immediate drop in life, and, depending on the injury, it may continue to lower health. Receiving attention from a healer, or at least a character who knows how to heal, is important. The character won't die (character death is the player's will) but the character will eventually become too unwell to assist in case of battle or assist in hunts.

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