Hunting: The Do's and Don'ts

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Hunting: The Do's and Don'ts Empty Hunting: The Do's and Don'ts

Post by PureBlood on Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:53 pm

- Make a post dedicated to your hunt.
- Describe what you're hunting and how the hunt is carried out, it makes the post more interesting.
- Make the hunt realistic and believable.
- Take your character's skills into account. A large, slower wolf wouldn't be able to catch a zippy rabbit--likewise, a smaller, weaker wolf wouldn't be able to catch a massive, heavy moose.
- Take whether you're hunting alone or with others into account.

- Don't always capture your prey. That is very unrealistic, as in reality, wolves aren't always successful hunting.
- Don't simply say you found an animal and killed it. As well as that, if it's a short post, it's against the 100 word rule.
- Don't surplus kill, or kill more than you want or need.
- Don't ignore the possibility of the prey escaping or injuring your character. It happens in real life and it should happen in the roleplay.

Overall, while hunting, you just have to make it realistic and believable. In real life, a wolf isn't always successful when they hunt, nor do they kill prey easily. Even something as small as a rabbit poses a challenge, for they're very quick and can escape very easily. As well, deer can also be a challenge. A well-placed kick from a deer could easily severely injure--or even kill--a wolf.

As for examples, I'm not writing any. Think of a good or bad example for yourself based on these rules.

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