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Post by Emph on Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:28 am


To add even more to the variety of freedom within the Pack, religion will now be an option.

Some religions will be stronger in some areas, and some places will choose to live without, in anarchy.

While the religion option is still only just beginning, members will have the option to create their own. This will be, obviously, required to have strong detail. If you want a wolf to choose the faith you've forged, you'll want them to know everything possible there is to know about it. Are certain foods banned? Is only pure language permitted? Where did our leader originate?
Questions like these are what must be considered during the construction of your religion.


-You cannot be (a) god, nor can any of your characters. [Unless a role play event one day permits you to create a whole new character, or recreate a dormant character, specifically to be (a) god.]
-Don't make a parody religion. In other words, don't create a religion just to mock people of faith. If it wasn't already implied, this pack doesn't take too perfectly well to judgmental members.
-Try not to completely copy an existing religion. Likewise, don't make everything the complete opposite of an existing faith. Either of these is basically taken with little imagination. You have a chance to create a whole new morality. Why would you copy another?
-Religions may be polytheistic*, monotheistic*, or atheistic*. [Definitions below.]
-Take this as far as you want. The further you take your religion into detail, I'm sure the more creatures you'll get to join. Go as far as a book. Go as far as you want.
-Don't discourage other people's created moralities. This is a time for members to show their complete potential and intellect, no one should feel embarrassed for anything they put into this.

*Polytheistic: Worship or belief in more than one deity.
*Monotheistic: Worship or belief in a single deity.
*Atheistic: Lack of belief in any deity.


Form:  (EVERYTHING in the form will have a definition below)
Religion name:
Name origin:
Type (poly, mono, atheistic):
Pantheon or Deity:
Lifestyle restrictions:
Religion size:
Stronger/Weaker (in which provinces):
Views on (afterlife; paranormal; prophets; etc.):
Religion's age:
Religion looks down upon:
Religion smiles upon:
Definitions of everything in the form:

Religion name-
 The name of your religion
Name origin-
 The origin of which you decided to get the name. If it's simply a made-up name,
 say so. This should also include why you decided on the certain name.
Type (poly, mono, atheistic)-
 Description is in the original form. Fill in polytheistic for more than one god,
 monotheistic for a single god, or atheistic for no god.
Pantheon or Deity-
 If your morality is polytheistic, here you'll list the names of all the gods. If it's
 monotheistic, name the single deity.
 Every faithful member of a religion usually must live a certain way, tell
 us here what your religion requires.
Lifestyle restrictions-
 Living a certain way can -- will -- have restrictions. Can't eat salmon? Can't use a
 certain word? List them all here.
 Sometimes to be a part of a certain faith you must be born into it. Some religions
 might even require a certain gender, eye color, or fur color. Be creative, and list
 them here.
Religion size-
 Here you'll specify the popularity of your religion.
Stronger/Weaker (in which provinces)-
 Stronger in Holzmurkt? Weaker in Kaargors? Tell us what provinces generally follow
 your religion.
Views on (afterlife; paranormal; prophets; etc.)-
 Description in original form. Explain what your morality thinks about things. For
 example, afterlife.
Religion's age-
 How long has your religion been around?
Religion looks down upon-
 Does your faith dislike homosexuality? Do they turn from foul language? How to
 they react to others who don't pass their O.K?
Religion smiles upon-
 Every religion likes others who do certain things, right? What does yours like?
 Special days out of the year (or month, or week), that mean something to
 followers. What do your people do on these days?
 Backstory of your morality. This should have as much information as possible,
as it's a big thing when deciding a religion.

Add as much as you'd like to the form! Remove of some things that aren't applicable! It's your own morality


More Information:
The option to create of your own religion is such a privilege. Be happy you've found such a laid back pack! :D

Remember to keep watch here for updates in the form, rules, and even the post itself. Any submissions of a religion can be posted here in a reply, and will likely be reviewed and critiqued by other members. Religions are not considered accepted until a Dominant officially approves of it. Following the approval, you'll get points added to your existing ones. (The amount will vary by how well written and thought-out you've decided to make your post/religion.)
If you'd like your character to join a religion, just make sure he/she fits all the requirements, and that you're willing to keep him/her loyal to it. It'd also be good to inform the creator of the particular morality that you're wanting to join.

Watch for updates, yes yes yes!


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