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introduction x Mountains so high they touch the sky, and in between resides less elevated land akin to a valley, complete with a flourishing river running through it, and an honourable, graceful culture of highly superior wolves dwells within the habitat. Their borders are well-guarded, and the land is peaceful—aside from its internal conflicts.

climate/topography x Valdetoch is highly famous for its high mountains, rocky and snow-capped. The entire land is that of an alpine highland, and snow is the highly common precipitation throughout the year except during the warm summers. It is fairly difficult to enter the land, due to the mountainous borders, but there are fairly safe passes on both the north and south ends, making paths between The Gloom (once part of Holzmurkt) and Makarios. The soil quality is fairly poor, and it is thin and rocky, leaving the ground only very suitable for mountain plants.

animals and plants x To list some of the animals that survive in Valdetoch:

-Cave bears
-Cave lion
-Cave hyena
-Dire wolf
-Mountain goat
-Mountain deer
-Grey fox
-Red fox
-Dall sheep (in the northernmost portions)
-Bighorn sheep
-Snow leopard
-Brown bear
-Least weasel
-Long-tailed weasel

-Great-horned owl
-Golden eagle

In the Water
-Mountain fish

As for plants, the trees are primarily coniferous, though there are also trees such as oak and maple, and generally any plant that grows in the mountains like wildflowers and herbs.

inhabitants x There are different packs living in different parts of the mountains of Valdetoch, though they are all primarily joined under common laws, and these laws and traditions are kept strongly with a tight grasp. Though, many of the laws and traditions do vary between the different packs. For example, in one pack, white-furred wolves as held as highly superior and viewed as a sign of royalty and majesty, while in another area, white-furred wolves are often run out or killed for they are believed to be a sign of death. They regard peacefulness to be amongst the greatest qualities a wolf could have, but killing is still justified in certain circumstances, like "cleansing" which entails removing wolves that have proven to be distasteful (like breaking laws), hunting, and war/defense. It is also considered alright to kill bad leaders, especially if the leader has broken any laws (such as forcing themselves onto pack wolves, or treating the pack badly, or mating outside of the species, or engaging in cannibalism, to list a few things).

history x WIP

wolf diets x The mountain wolves eat the ungulates in the area, with the meat of the yak being treasured as a delicacy, though that prey is not as common as they would like. The laws are fairly strict about what is considered "clean" to eat and what is considered "filthy". For example, the meat of another wolf is considered the worst thing another wolf can eat, and if cannibalism is spotted, the perpetrator will be executed on sight. Another thing considered "unclean" would be the flesh of carnivorans in general, and only ungulates and fish are considered acceptable to eat. Generally punishments vary by the severity, which depends on the pack.

notable sites x In Valdetoch, there is the highest mountain: Hochmont. Hochmont is extremely high and elevated and resides by the sea, with smaller, less significant mountains at its side. On the south, there is Frieden Path, and there has never been a day of conflict there between the wolves of Valdetoch and the wolves of Makarios. On the north, there is Kampf Pass, which was once a battle ground when The Gloom belonged to Holzmurkt, and has become more peaceful.

attitude to outsiders x For the most part, outsiders are welcomed with open arms, except for the exceptions, which are hybrids (if they know anyway, and those are often either killed or run out), white wolves (in some packs), and violent wolves.

enemies and allies x They are allied with Makarios and consider the inhabitants of the province to be very wonderful and highly peaceful, which is a quality they revere and uphold to be very honourable. As knowledge of The Blood Brothers has reached them, they are aware of their violent, brutish ways and consider them to be a highly disgusting and savage group, and are distasteful of most of the inhabitants from Iskogurz and had many fights with Holzmurkt, often being attacked first. As they are aware that The Shadow Lurkers have taken over part of Holzmurkt and made it into The Gloom, they are tolerant of them, but highly disagree with how the land was taken.

care for the sick and injured x Illness is rather uncommon in Valdetoch, for all the wolves have very strong constitution. Injury is also uncommon, due to fights being less common than they are in most areas. The healers are less adept than in many other lands as a result of not having to do as much work, but their quality of care is the best that they can provide, and they even give this care to outsiders that they consider up to acceptable standards.

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