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Holzmurkt - The Murky Wood Empty Holzmurkt - The Murky Wood

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introduction x A nearby territory, where it is cold and forested, not too unlike the Shadow Lurkers' home in The Gloom. Darkness shrouds the forest in mystery and the silence is fear. Deep within, the Dreaded Ones stir.... They are swift as the wind itself, and their eyes are as cold as the tundra far north.

climate/topography x Holzmurkt is a mostly flat lowland, and is for the most part, a cold swamp, populated by conifers. The earth is mostly wet, though some parts are more solid and suitable for less aquatic animals to live on. Water flows throughout, and the soil is very saturated and fertile, thus suitable for plant growth, and resulting in a large supply of food for the animals. The precipitation is often of the slushy sort, and during the winter, the water is covered by a thin layer of ice.

animals and plants x To list some of the animals that survive in Holzmurkt:
-Red fox
-Water sloth (Thalassocnus)
-Black bear
-White-tailed deer
-Brown bear
-Swamp rabbit

-Fishing cat
-Giant beaver
-Swamp fish

As for plants, the dominant plants are coniferous trees, though a mix of both coniferous and deciduous trees is present. To list some plants in the swamp: cedar, red maple, fir, birch, dogwood, tamarack, spruce, pine, hemlock, elm, aspen, poplar, poison ivy, tag elder, winterberry, holly, elderberry, huckleberry, yew, honeysuckle, blueberry, currant, ferns, grasses, mosses, and orchids.

inhabitants x The typical name given to most inhabitants of Holzmurkt would be The Dreaded Ones, though the different packs within the area go by more specific names and as well as have their own relationships with each other (as goes with most provinces). The inhabitants are often well-fed, and the very idea of a drought is almost incomprehensible for the wolves of Holzmurkt.

history x WIP

wolf diets x In Holzmurkt, the wolves are well-fed and well-watered, and have very varied diets due to the plentiful resources in their marsh. They eat primarily deer, moose, muskrat, rabbit, and beaver. The sloths that swim in the water are also a good meal, as well as the many fishes and amphibians.

notable sites x There isn't really a notable site in Holzmurkt.

attitude to outsiders x Wolves coming from anywhere besides Iskogurz are put to death by most packs, especially since their favourite part of the territory (the deep forest in the east) was taken by The Shadow Lurkers and the pack residing there was more-or-less wiped out. They distrust outsiders heavily, and are outright hostile.

enemies and allies x Their greatest allies are the packs in Iskogurz, and both territories defend and help each other in times of need, such as when a pack belonging to Holzmurkt was destroyed. They tolerate the wolves from the north, and dislike the wolves from the south. They particularly dislike The Shadow Lurkers, and deem the pack to be thieves.

care for the sick and injured x Disease is extremely common in Holzmurkt, due to parasitic insects thriving in the swamp environment. As a result of this, mortality rates would be very high if not for the healers that are there to cure illnesses.

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