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Iskogurz - The Deep Forest Empty Iskogurz - The Deep Forest

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introduction x Deeper in the great forest of the north is where it lies, and it remains a mysterious land, with the forest often quiet and still, and the land bears many mysterious beasts, and many of the animals are absolutely massive, along with the smaller animals that creep about. There are multiple packs living here, each living in different parts of the dense forest.

climate/topography x Snow is a common sight in Iskogurz, for it is a northern land. It rarely rains, and only does so in the cool summers, and it tends to be slushy more than rainy during the summer. For the rest of the year, it is all snow on the fertile, healthy ground, always kept wet.  There are a few small mountains, the most notable in the centre, near the most prominent river. Aside from the few mountains, the land is a bit hilly.

animals and plants x To list some of the animals that survive in Iskogurz, along with the unknown megafauna:

-Cave bear
-Red fox

-Dire wolf
-Black bear
-Cave lion
-Brown bear

-Long-tailed weasel

-Grey fox
-Mule deer

-Giant deer
-Lake and river fish

Notable Birds
-Northern saw-whet owl
-Barred owl
-Great horned owl
-Spotted owl


As for plants, the plants are primarily giant trees (especially conifers), lichens, mosses, tall grasses, wildflowers, bushes, shrubs, etcetera. The land is extremely plentiful in plant resources.

inhabitants x There are more than a few different packs living together in Iskogurz. They remain on peaceful terms, and it is made clear that they will all live in their own ways and not cause problems for each other. Some packs are more closely bonded, and these packs often live closer to each other. For example, a few packs live on the border of Iskogurz, particularly the border with Kaiganshi, in order to protect the territory from any form of invasion, due to the threat of The Blood Brothers being a concern. On the other borders, however, there aren't as many wolves guarding, as the wolves are less concerned with those lands, and the wolves living in Iskogurz don't even guard their border with Holzmurkt, for the two lands have had a strong alliance for years.

history x WIP

wolf diets x The wolves of Iskogurz have very varied diets, as the food is plentiful and the amount of resources is great. They're typically well-fed, due to the animals they hunt being large and the animals generally have enough to eat all year. The wolves primarily hunt aurochs, woolly rhinos, and deer creatures, and often eat fallen mammoths and mastodons, occasionally hunting and bringing one down themselves thanks to their typically massive size.

notable sites x The most noted site is often the mountain in the centre of Iskogurz, called Lejon Mountain, and it is known for being heavily populated with cave lions and cave hyenas, though the rest of the land has a lot of them.

attitude to outsiders x Wolves coming from Kaiganshi are typically killed on sight, being considered a danger and a threat to the peace they have had for some time, while wolves coming from the general direction of Westfield are often kept prisoner and may or may not be tortured due to them being enemies with the largest pack in the northern half of the land, despite the leader coming from them. The last war they've had was with Westfield. Outsiders coming from anywhere else are often disregarded, but also occasionally killed unless they belong to Holzmurkt.

enemies and allies x They consider the wolves of Westfield to be their main enemy, due to their last war being a fight with them. They consider the wolf leading the territory they have the most problems with to be a traitor, for he was once one of them, but left and became their enemy. With Kaiganshi, they are defensive and outright aggressive, for they are threatened by The Blood Brothers that make their home there.

They're more-or-less fond of Tundra Striders, as those wolves are unaggressive and very peaceful, and their closest ally has always been the wolves of Holzmurkt, and travel between the two lands is always free and the two lands provide each other with assistance whenever needed.

care for the sick and injured x Good care is available to their ill, for they have enough resources, thus they provide the best care possible to heal their injured and cure their ill.

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