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Kaiganshi - The Bloody Shore 24q7blk

introduction x Kaiganshi is a western land, and it sits upon the shore, seemingly peaceful to one who knows nothing of the land. Anyone who knew better would know that peace is only a word in Kaiganshi, and that when the thing actually happens, it is only short-lived. In recent years, there has been peace in Kaiganshi, but all the natives know it's like the calm before the storm, though for them, it might more accurately by like the storm's eye. While the last era of war, fear, and blood has been brought to an end, whether these horrors will continue remains a mystery.

climate/topography x In the east, the land is primarily flat, while in the west, the land becomes rockier and more elevated, while the land is filled with caves throughout. The land is almost like a cold desert (though is very much like a steppe), and it hardly precipitates, leaving the animals grateful for the rivers they have and their closeness to the shores. Of course, with it being akin to a cold desert, it's rather cold, and the air is often fairly dry, and it doesn't often snow at all, so the ground is never covered by it. The dirt is dry, and covered by dull grasses. The quality of it is rather poor, and it's rather rocky, fitting with most of the land being rocky with caves everywhere.

animals and plants x To list some of the animals that survive in Kaiganshi:
-Wild horse
-Mountain goats (primarily in the west)
-Dire wolves
-Woolly mammoth
-Woolly rhinoceros
-Brown bear
-Various seals
-Arctic fox
-Frost bears
-Lots and lots of fish

As for plants, the plants are similar to that of Morokaz, but there are also short trees here and there, that are taller when closer to the forests on the eastern borders.

inhabitants x The most (in)famous of the inhabitants of this land go by the name The Blood Brothers, and have struck terror into the hearts of the innocent civilians of Kaiganshi for generations, and have brought worry to the surrounding territories. The native inhabitants are far from recovered now that the original terror shadowing over them had fallen, and the fear that The Blood Brothers will return is alive and well. Native wolves come in all colours and sizes, but lean toward large, for a large size stores heat better, and typically are thick-coated. Those with the blood of a Blood Brother are brown-furred, and have eyes of varying shades of green, and they bear mostly thick fur to protect them from the cold, as well as being very large in size.

history x Generations upon generations ago, the land was a highly peaceful one, filled with nomadic packs that were generally friendly and helpful to wanderers. This was a good time for Kaiganshi, and it was seen as a good land with noble defenders and great gatherers. The land was also more plentiful in those days, for the wolves never took more than they needed, and would use every bit they could from a single dead animal. They had no fears, and the areas surrounding had no concerns. Then, it occurred. A rogue with his followers (consisting of his cousins, a couple of siblings, and some unrelated wolves) went into the land. The outsiders weren't unwelcome, for the natives never minded unknown wolves, so this wasn't of concern, until the rogue, Daisuke the Dark, and his followers violently killed the wolves that lived in the spot he wanted to live in, right between the two rivers.

After the initial horror of that pack's eradication, the others settled, saying not a word out of fear that they would be killed. The first five years after the occurance were peaceful, and were simply a time of building for The Blood Brothers. The pack grew through breeding; specifically, the clan bred within itself, cousins mating to produce the perfect offspring of their superior genes. During this time, the natives have figured that these Blood Brothers weren't going to harm them further... they were wrong.

Despite the time spent in peace, Daisuke's heir, Minoru, killed him (such has become the tradition for years to come) and carried out his own plans, and began with destroying a small pack, and that was the beginning of a new era for The Blood Brothers—The Kurai Era.

There had been six leaders during this time, and it lasted for a total of twenty-nine years, and ended only two years ago with the death of Shin, who was the most powerful of the leaders, and had done the worst. He'd even killed most of his kin, using some of his highest soldiers to help him kill them, then he turned on them, killing them one by one, and his most elite fighters were away, eradicating one last pack.

The six elites returned, and six wolves died. One elite survived, and he was the one to bring death to the tyrant. His exact identity is uncertain, but it is known he was the only black-furred wolf present, and quite possibly not born to them. The natives do not revere him as a hero, for he had done too much wrong to them, but they are thankful to him for bringing an end to such a dark and horrible era... while not knowing who he is.

Despite this era ending, there is a new era on the way, led by Shin's son, Kazuki, and it is unknown what he plans to do next, and the rest of the land still fears for what he plans next.

wolf diets x The wolves of Kaiganshi have a diet high in fish from their rivers and sea, due to them primarily living near the water. They also hunt the seals, bison, and horses (and all the other prey animals), as well as scavenging dead animals caught by larger beasts.

notable sites x The parts of Kaiganshi most notable would be its largest rivers, which run through its middle and throughout the eastern portion. Its west is mostly mountainous (not shown on map) and is filled with cliffs, ravines, and gorges. The rest of Kaiganshi does have elevated rock formations, and there are caves scattered all across the land. The most notable cave is in the west, and travels deeply, and reaches an underground lake with unique, strange, rarely seen fish and other animals.

attitude to outsiders x Outsiders are mistrusted, and this had been much worse when the original Blood Brothers still reigned.  The newer generation of the clan is more accepting of outsiders (as much of the original bloodline is gone now) as they are less obsessed with keeping the blood pure.

The smaller packs in Kaiganshi are more-or-less welcoming to outsiders, but the distrust is still highly present.

enemies and allies x The land is still infamous for the blood that has soaked its soil for years, and has no allies due to the old Blood Brothers, and the surrounding lands are guarded to the new generation of the pack, for it is well known that the original leader's son had taken over and may end up following in his father's footsteps.

Enemies, however? The Blood Brothers have many, and not even wolves from the packs aside from this terrorising clan are warmly welcomed anywhere. In fact, they are often chased away when trying to leave, for fear that a Blood Brother may try to come after the wolf.

care for the sick and injured x The natives are caring to their unwell packmates, and tend to them with the available resources, while The Blood Brothers will simply drop them in their death hole and leave them to die from their ailment.

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