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Post by PureBlood on Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:00 pm

Try to be reasonably respectful and open and welcoming.

Try to keep in-RP drama, well, in-RP! Don't allow bad interactions between your characters make you think ill of someone. Remember, characters are characters, they are not the player, and do not necessarily represent them in any way.

Of Lykon is an intermediate-to-advanced roleplay forum. Because of its contents (for example, a detailed and established setting) it can be too much for a beginner. However, you are more than welcome to check out our affiliates, and we can direct you to a site that is more suitable for your level so you may build your skills there.

If you have a problem, or there is a glitch with the forum, let me know! I'm perfectly willing to help out and fix any problems I can. Try to be patient with me though, and try to word your report in a way that doesn't come off as hostile.

Try to use grammar to the best of your ability. Of course, if you make a mistake here and there, that's okay. Everyone makes mistakes with their typing, and I don't expect everyone to type in 100% perfect English all the time. As long as you try and your post is understandable, that's good enough.

Of Lykon is 13+. The content can get mature and dark, and profanity is permitted. Keep this in mind when joining.

Related to the above; while Of Lykon is 13+ it is not 18+. No NSFW content is allowed, which generally entails anything pornographic or explicitly sexual. Keep in mind there are minors and people who wish to not see anything like that.

There will be no discrimination against marginalised people here, and I will not tolerate it. This includes: being anti-LGBTQIA+ (transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, sapphobia, etc), racism, ableism, sexism/misogyny, etc. Of Lykon must remain a safe place for all people, especially for these marginalised groups.

Try your best to be active. If something comes up to where it hinders your activity, there is a topic where you can let everyone know you'll be away.

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