The Classes and Their Duties

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The Classes and Their Duties Empty The Classes and Their Duties

Post by PureBlood on Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:36 am

Amongst the leaders, there are many shared duties, such as training new recruits to their ranks and letting the dominants know if they think an omega is suitable for the rank or if they think a trainee is ready to be promoted. As well, they all must let the dominants know if they feel a member of their rank needs to be demoted.

  • HEAD HUNTER: They lead the hunting party during pack hunts. During hunts, they are the ones to make decisions--such as which animal to target and if they need to abandon the hunt.
  • GENERAL: They lead the fighters and give commands. They tell the defenders what areas of the territory they must cover, and they lead the warriors through battles.
  • SHAMAN: They tell the herbalists when to go out searching and studying, as well as telling them which area to cover. Other than that, and usual leader duties, they don't have much to do as a leader.
  • SCOUTMASTER: They have a duty similar to that of the general when it comes to the defenders, for they assign the scouts to various areas. They assign patrols to certain areas and they assign sentries to certain areas.


    The duty of hunters as a whole is to find food for the pack. A hunter's specific duty applies only when hunting big game with other hunters, as those animals require teamwork to take down. Aside from hunting large game, hunters also the main ones responsible for getting secondary food sources for the pack, such as fish and small game.

  • TRACKER: The trackers' main duty is to track and follow prey, leading the hunting group towards the target. They have a very sharp sense of smell--better than average. They also have the ability to read trails with amazing precision. When the prey is found, the prey is then flushed, either by them or by any beaters with the group.
  • RUNNER: As soon as the prey begins to flee, the runners chase. They are the quickest hunters, which is why they are the ones to chase the target.  As well as their speed, they have stamina, in case the run lasts an extended period of time. The runners have to exhaust the prey, or, if they get close enough, they wound it to slow it down for the trappers.
  • TRAPPER: With the prey slowed down or tired out for them, the trappers make the killing blow to the target. They aren't the fastest out of the group, but they're the strongest, and thus they make the kill instead of chasing.
  • BEATER: The newest hunters in the pack. They don't have the biggest job in the team as all they do really is get the prey to scatter. However, with training, they can get more of a duty, but this is where they start.


    A fighter's general duty is to, well, fight. They're trained specifically for battle, and they use their skills to defend the pack's territory from powerful intruders and during wars with other packs.

  • GUARDIAN: The defenders protect and patrol the territory, watching out for dangers. They work alongside the scouts, for their duties are similar, but they specialise in different areas. They take care of dangers and threats that the scouts aren't powerful enough to take care of themselves.
  • WARRIOR: The warriors also defend the territory, but they defend it in a different way from how the defenders do it. Instead of patrolling the territory, they wait until a battle is to be fought between the Deadly Shadows and an attacking pack. That is where they serve, in war. They also attack intruders on command.
  • PRIVATE: They are the newest fighters. They assist the warriors in battle. As well as assisting the warriors, they also may assist the defenders. In general, they serve as assistants until they get a higher position.


  • HEALER: They heal the sick and injured, using what the herbalists find. The healers are generally not assigned to specific areas or to specific cases because that is unnecessary and if a healer happens to be there when someone is hurt, then that healer takes care of it.
  • HERBALIST: The herbalists are kept in different parts of the territory, searching for anything that may be useful to the healers. Despite what their name says, they don't solely look at herbs and plants. They may also look at animal parts to find any remedying effects. When they find something, they must report their findings to the shaman.
  • QUACK: They are assistants to the healers, mainly. They watch what the healer does, and if the healer needs something, they retrieve it. If they aren't assisting the healers, then they search for things with the herbalists.


  • PATROL: Obviously, the patrols' duty is to patrol the territory. They work alongside the defenders, protecting the territory from intruders and threats. The patrols must remain moving at all times, looking, and keeping the territory safe and secure.
  • SENTRY: They remain in a single place (their post) and keep alert. They watch for danger, and call for help if the threat is too much for them to handle themselves. Because they're kept without protection from a defender most of the time, they are trained more in physical strength than the rest of the scouts.
  • MESSENGER: The swiftest of the scouts, they must be in order to take messages across the territory. The messengers typically hang around near sentry posts and near the heart of the territory, and if not immediately present, a howl could do the job, either to send the message or to call for a messenger.
  • RECRUITS: They assist the patrols and occasionally the sentries. That is what their job is, mainly, to assist. Their duty is very similar to that of the privates.

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