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Post by PureBlood on Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:59 pm

Keep your posts in the third person, please. This is best for consistency and it can be a little weird to read several posts in a row by different people all in the first person. Dreams are best formatted in italics. Unlike the main narrative, it is acceptable to write them in first person. If italics are not preferred, use another way to show that the section of the post is a dream and not an occurrence in the concrete in-RP world. It helps with making it easier to understand.

Multiple characters are permitted and even encouraged.  A user may have as many characters as they can handle, but they are to be handled on different accounts.

Be sure to read up on the different territories and lands of Lykon. This will help you understand the setting better, and know what it's like. In fact, if you could adapt your character to fit within the world, that's wonderful! (like choosing a province from which they could have originated, for example)

Maintain a level of believability in your character designing and creating. No mutations like wings or horns. We do permit unrealistic colours and markings (in the world of Lykos, this is considered a common mutation/recessive gene), though, and certain, simple, non-power-granting mutations. Ask for permission for any specifics.

No accessories, please. It does not make sense for a wolf to have a necklace or bracelet or a piercing, at least not without human intervention, and humans do not occur in Lykon.

Powerplay and god-modding is not allowed, period. I don't want to see anything like "disembowels and chews on heart" when not permitted to kill that character. It's not cool, alright? The best thing to do in fights is communicate with the user who owns the character yours is fighting with.

You also can't kill another member without permission from both the one who's supposed to be killed and from the higher-ups. If you want your character to die in-roleplay, then permission must be asked. If permission hasn't been granted from who it needed to be granted from, then all posts having to do with killing/dying are removed.

Decent characterisation is a must in order to have an interesting roleplay with good interaction! If you aren't very good with characterisation, you can always search for guidance on the internet. is a very good resource. We encourage interesting, unique characters. This is not quite a rule, but this more of a request or suggestion that should be mentioned here.

\When in the RP and moving to a different place, make sure to specify you're going to another area in your post. It just keeps things in the RP easy to follow. On another note, don't have your character teleport between areas.

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