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Jokivand - The Watery Swathe Empty Jokivand - The Watery Swathe

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introduction x It lies in the very southernmost part of the province, with Avskild just off its coast. It is a very plentiful area and is very safe. Everyone is very well-fed due to the plentiful resources thanks to the water supply which never runs dry and the herds that never leave. Life is easy in Jokivand, aside from the winters when a layer of ice links it to the criminal-filled Avskild.

climate/topography x Rivers and lakes are everywhere, which is what Jokivand is most well-known for, much like how Valdetoch is known for being alpine. Rain falls often and becomes snow during the winter. There are rarely any days in which there isn't even a bit of precipitation, not even during the summertime, when thunderstorms happen almost constantly. Despite that, fires are rare, as there isn't really much forest to start a big fire and kill everything. Toward the east, there is a mountain, not too far with the borders of Kaargors and Morkant, with whom the wolves of Jokivand are allied.

animals and plants x To list some of the animals that survive in Jokivand:
-Giant ground sloth
-Short-faced bears
-Water sloth (Thalassocnus)
-Grey fox
-Red fox
-Wild horse
-Wild boar
-Mule deer
-White-tailed deer
-Brown bear
-Lots and lots of fish and crustaceans (waterbirds too, like herons)

As for plants, there isn't really much of a forest, and most of the land surrounding the waters is essentially a plain, therefore there are a lot of different grasses, flowers, and quite a few shrubs.

inhabitants x WIP

history x WIP

wolf diets x Food is incredibly plentiful in Jokivand, and they eat basically all of the animals that live in the land, without really caring much for the species, except for if it's another wolf or something poisonous.

notable sites x WIP

attitude to outsiders x Outsiders are welcome, as the wolves don't have any issues sharing their large amount of resources with anyone, though, if an outsider does anything that makes the wolves dislike them, the outsider usually ends up as a gift to their Kaargors allies.

enemies and allies x They have no enemies, and are allied with the wolves living in Kaargors and the wolves living in Morkant.

care for the sick and injured x Sickness is very rare and most of the wolves are very healthy. They are better at treating wounds than at curing illnesses.

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