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Post by PureBlood on Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:49 pm

Try to remain legible. As always, small mistakes in grammar and spelling are absolutely okay. Just try to stay away from excessive chat speak (especially really obscure terms) and L33TSP34K. This is to keep everything accessible and understandable for everyone.

Don't advertise other packs on the chatbox. It's the Shadow Lurkers chatbox, not the Advertise Your Pack chatbox. I don't have any issues with pack-creators on-site asking for help, though. That's perfectly fine, especially since it can be really hard to build a site all on your own.

The site's not too strict about inappropriate content, just try to be reasonable about it, as some things can be really touchy subjects, and it is also a rule to not share Rule 34.

Try to keep links a reasonable size. Of course, sometimes you accidentally send a huge long google link, and that's alright, but it's best to keep links reasonably shot to avoid stretching the chatbox.

The general rules must be followed at all times.

Keep caps lock off, please. The occasional sentence for humour here and there is fine (I do it myself!) but too much and to some people, it comes across as screaming/yelling/possibly hostile, and it can be upsetting, so keep it in mind.

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